Types of Caramel Malts: Review with Jean-Louis Dourcy

From Pilsen to white to the darkest Abbey, Castle Malting’s wide range of high quality caramelised malts allow you to brew any style of beer you like.

How Are Caramel Malts Made?

According to Jean-Louis Dourcy caramel malts give a naturally strong caramel flavour to your beer. It is a result of an extra process of stewing that takes place during malting, most often in a roasting drum between germination and kilning. In a modern malting plant, the endosperm gets mashed in the heat, and its starches turn into a sugary liquid that remains trapped in the husk. The grain in this form is then dried, which crystallises the liquid sugars into solid, semi-crystalised, glassy, unfermentable dextrins. This phase of the process also forms melanoidins.

What Do Caramel Malts Do To Your Beer?

  1. The caramelised sugars contribute directly to wort gravity since they cannot be degraded during mashing. Wort gravity refers to the amount of dissolved solids in beer.
  2. These sugars are also responsible for the beer’s malty-sweet flavour, colour, aroma, a fuller mouthfeel and foam retention of the finished beer.

Signature Castle Malting Caramel Malts

Cara Belga gives beers a golden hue with hints of caramel. It makes the typical flavours of Belgian craft beers stronger in taste. It is suitable for Belgian speciality beers like blonde, bruin, amber etc.

Wort colour: 30-35 EBC/ 11.8-13.7 Lovibond

Cara Ambra gives beers a reddish hue with hints of toffee, caramel and bread. This malt promotes head formation and retention and also intensifies the beer’s body. It is well suited for ale and lager beers and can be used for not only red, amber or brown but Bock beers and Dunkel beers too.

Wort colour: 60-80 EBC/ 23.1-30.5 Lovibond

Cara Aroma gives beers a dark amber to coppery tint. It adds intense caramel and malty flavours, with hints of biscuit. It intensifies the body of the beer significantly and promotes head formation and retention. It is suitable for all styles of lager and ale beer.

Wort colour: 80-100 EBC/ 30.5-38.1 Lovibond

Cara Crystal is a dark Belgian caramel malt that gives a dark amber to deep copper hue to the beer. It has intense aromas of caramel, malt and biscuit, and intensifies the beer’s body significantly. It is suitable for a brown ale, dark lager, amber beer, bock beer and other styles.

Wort colour: 140-160 EBC/ 53.0-60.6 Lovibond

Cara Terra is Belgian caramel malt with intense character. It gives beers a copper-brown hue. It holds intense flavours of caramel, toffee and bread, along with notes of nuts. It also intensifies the beer’s body, making it fuller.

Wort colour: 170-220 EBC/ 64.3-83.1 Lovibond

Cara Cafe gives the beer a brown hue. It is Belgian caramel malt with notes of coffee, that give beers intense flavours of dark caramel, roasted nuts and dried fruits. It intensifies the body of the beer and is well suited for beer styles like a stout, Amber beer, Bock beer, October beer, lager and barley wine.

Wort colour: 350-450 EBC/ 131.8-169 Lovibond

Cara Gold is a dark Belgian caramel-style malt that has a sweet and robust caramel aroma and unique toffee-like and brown sugar flavours. It gives a rich amber colour to beer and has all the ingredients that contribute to the better mouthfeel, head retention and extended stability. It is widely used in brown and dark beers.

Wort colour: 110-130 EBC/ 41.8-49.3 Lovibond

These Castle Malting malts are a class apart from malts produced anywhere in the world. Dourcy Jean-Louis Managing Director, La Malterie du Château and all of these malts and more are available on the Castle Malting website.

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